Why Glass Bongs are Better than Silicone Bongs

The bong is a classic smoking method essential to any connoisseur’s arsenal of paraphernalia. A bong’s ingenious design allows users to enjoy massive hits of cool, smooth smoke. However, not all materials are made equal, especially when heating them to extreme temperatures and inhaling directly from their surfaces. The glass bong offers smokers a premium experience unparalleled by any other water pipe, especially the much cheaper silicone.

Advantages of a Glass Bong

Seth Rogan’s character in Pineapple Express famously defended his excessive use by arguing, “I use a bong it filters out all the addictive s#&%, seriously!” While Rogan’s character doesn’t have much of an argument, in this case, there is actually some legitimate science that gives us insights into the advantages of filtering our smoke.

study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s scientific journal compared the rate of pesticides removed using various smoking methods. The researchers conclude that “the effects of filtration have a significant impact on the total residues consumed. While there are differences between the devices, in general, the portion of pesticide recovery is alarmingly high and is a serious concern.”

Filtering smoke is advantageous to your health but using a glass filtration system adds value by making the experience more enjoyable. Below are the three main reasons why glass beats silicone, hands down.  

Superior Taste

The taste of a glass-on-glass bong is unmatched. Other materials like metal and silicone leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth that only gets worse over time.  

Heat Maintenance

Glass handles heat much better than silicone. Even at excessive temperatures created using a blowtorch, high-quality treated glass can take the heat without diminishing the experience.

Easy to Clean

Bongs get nasty; it’s a sad truth that all of us must deal with. Thankfully, cleaning a glass bong is incredibly simple, especially if you use a cleaner specifically designed for dissolving residue off glass.

The Endless Capabilities of Glass

Glass can be constructed into any size, shape, or design. In addition, skilled glassblowers can incorporate additional percolator systems, chambers, and glycerin to cool your hot smoke safely.

A Bong or Work of Art?

Glass blowing dates back to 1st century Syria. Throughout history, we’ve enjoyed the intricate designs created by master glass smiths. Today, the increased demand for glass bongs has taken glass blowing to new heights.

The Disadvantages of Using a Silicone Bong

Silicone is a synthetic material that is between a rubber plastic polymer. While experts say it’s safe to use and “likely not toxic,” we don’t think you should be heating it and taking hits directly off its surface.

Less Aesthetically Pleasing

Glass bongs are considered works of art and are often used as a centerpiece in homes. Whether it is a simple bubbler or features the latest smoking technology, you can take pride in your glass bong. Silicone bongs are smelly eyesores that get the job done but aren’t anything to brag about.

Residual Odors

All bongs can get dirty after excessive use and require maintenance, but a silicone bong traps in odors creating a stench that is nearly impossible to eliminate. You’ll find many home remedies online to get the residual smell out of a silicone bong, but the best option is to buy glass.

Pass on Plastic Use a Glass Bong

A new glass bong is a worthy investment. Yes, it will cost more than silicone, and glass is less durable, but the advantage in taste and smell makes buying glass a no-brainer. If you truly value what’s going into your bong, silicone doesn’t do it justice. Glass is the only way to enjoy the smoking experience to the fullest extent possible.  

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